The Concept of Little Easters

We all know what the meaning of Easter is!   Jesus died for our sins on Good Friday, and on Easter morning he breaks forth from the tomb and conquers death.  Easter is the most important day to any Christian, indeed, to any person who hopes for eternal life. I hope and pray that the joy of Easter fills our hearts in a special way this year.  We could use a little more Easter in our world.

Today, I would like to talk about the concept of “little Easters”.  Little Easters are the small victories that we have over evil and death throughout the course of our lives.  I remember reading a book in which the author talks about surviving a plane crash. His comment was, “My God, I made it through that!” The truth is that all of us have survived our own plane crashes.  For some, maybe it was an auto accident.  For others, maybe it was cancer.  For me, it was my heart.

As most of you know, the doctors think I may have had a couple of minor heart attacks.  My heart function was down to 28%.  My energy level was down to 1 on a scale of 10.  Once I was scheduled to go into Arizona Heart Hospital I knew if I could make it to the assigned day life would get better.  Other than a small complication, it went well.  And today, my energy level is starting to come back.  Now I feel I am at a 5 on the scale of 10.  And, to me, it feels like a little Easter.  In my own way, I feel like Lazarus.  I feel like there is life inside of me where a few months ago, life seemed almost gone.

I believe God gives us “little Easters” to prepare us for the big Easter that will come at our death.  The little Easters give us confidence that God does bring life out of death.  The second chances we receive teach us that God can be trusted.

This Easter, I encourage you to look at your own life and identify the times that God has brought life to us when death or defeat seemed the only option.  The more we are in touch with the little Easters, the less we will have to fear our moment of death.

May Easter 2022 be especially meaningful, filled with love and hope.  And may our gracious God bless us with many more little Easters this coming year.  May one of our little Easters be the overcoming of Covid.  May another be that we learn to unite and start caring for each other in a more loving way.