April Thalman’s Reflection

Community I belong to a community. Webster has a variety of examples, one being “A group of people living together as

April Thalman’s Reflection2023-01-30T15:42:32-07:00

Joe Sesniak’s Reflection

I was lucky enough to go on the recent pilgrimage to Assisi.  We held Sunday service on the hotel roof, which

Joe Sesniak’s Reflection2023-01-25T16:10:09-07:00

Mary Jo West’s Reflection

In God’s Own Time Are you patient when praying to our Lord about a request? Normally, I am not and want

Mary Jo West’s Reflection2023-02-01T13:04:25-07:00

Deacon Chuck Monroe’s Reflection

I am married to my wife Sylvia, and we have been married for 32 years.  We have a blended family of

Deacon Chuck Monroe’s Reflection2022-12-22T12:24:25-07:00

Rosemary Sambora’s Reflection

Recently at the Praise and Worship Center (PWC) there was a continuing spiritual education program offered, called the School of Prayer.

Rosemary Sambora’s Reflection2022-12-28T12:36:15-07:00

Fr. Dale Fushek’s Reflection

  C.S. Lewis told the story about his brother overhearing a woman on a bus.  As they drove by a church,

Fr. Dale Fushek’s Reflection2022-12-15T18:49:01-07:00

Deacon Carol Palmer’s Reflection

As I have been pondering for a few weeks about writing this, I set down this morning, and as I prayed dear

Deacon Carol Palmer’s Reflection2022-12-07T15:40:03-07:00

Deacon Sharon Trischan’s Reflection

“Give to your faithful Lord, a prayerful spirit of gratitude, that we may thank You for all of your gifts”, from intercessory

Deacon Sharon Trischan’s Reflection2022-12-02T20:09:55-07:00

Father Michael Lessard’s Reflection

Morning A vermillion paradise arose. The advent of newborn colors, slowly ascending. It dabbed my world with the specter of the

Father Michael Lessard’s Reflection2022-11-25T20:11:41-07:00
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