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Deacon Dennis Paschke’s Reflection

In my own faith journey, I have come to know that following Jesus by living as he lived is not easy.During Holy

Deacon Dennis Paschke’s Reflection2022-05-12T18:01:54-07:00

Deacon Carol Palmer’s Reflection

A reflection for me is a very personal heartfelt part of me. Sometimes when I have thought about this writing I have

Deacon Carol Palmer’s Reflection2022-04-21T17:36:57-07:00

Rosemary Sambora’s Reflection

In one of our women’s bible study gatherings, I remember someone asking how to hear the Holy Spirit speaking to us; and

Rosemary Sambora’s Reflection2022-05-02T12:27:13-07:00

Pastor Mark Dippre’s Reflection

Peace Be with You… One of the most common greetings we hear from Jesus are the words, “Peace be with you.”  In

Pastor Mark Dippre’s Reflection2022-04-21T17:33:07-07:00

Dawn Paschke’s Reflection

Stretcher Bearers “A few days later, when Jesus again entered Capernaum, the people heard that he had come home.  So many

Dawn Paschke’s Reflection2022-04-18T11:23:15-07:00

Fr. Dale Fushek’s Reflection

The Concept of Little Easters We all know what the meaning of Easter is!   Jesus died for our sins on Good

Fr. Dale Fushek’s Reflection2022-04-04T11:32:42-07:00

Deacon Peter Klemens’ Reflection

Judgment As I grow older and hopefully wiser, an apparent need to address my addiction to “Judgment” has risen.  It appears

Deacon Peter Klemens’ Reflection2022-04-04T08:53:31-07:00

Dwight Wintriger’s Reflection

A Reflection From My Heart The new direction in my life has brought about a transformation in me that has awakened

Dwight Wintriger’s Reflection2022-03-21T10:50:07-07:00

Pastor Mark Dippre’s Reflection

Thank You We gathered tonight around a hospital bed with a dear friend on hospice. We held his hand; shared words

Pastor Mark Dippre’s Reflection2022-03-10T19:05:31-07:00
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