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Deacon Peter Palmer’s Reflection

The Lump of Coal Sometimes a recollection is sparked by a story of many years ago. My brother was very gifted

Deacon Peter Palmer’s Reflection2020-12-28T12:30:35-07:00

Sylvia Monroe’s Reflection

WOW! GOD IS GOOD. As I reflect on this year, it has been a real journey with times of joy and

Sylvia Monroe’s Reflection2020-12-30T10:33:32-07:00

Fr. Dale: Reflection #18

Christmas My family always loved celebrating Christmas.  My mom loved to decorate, cook, and shop.  Our home was filled with

Fr. Dale: Reflection #182020-12-23T10:09:36-07:00

Advent Christmas Reflection 3

The presents have been exchanged and opened, some gifts have already been returned to where they were purchased; and the

Advent Christmas Reflection 32020-12-07T15:07:35-07:00

Advent Christmas Reflection 2

Advent is a time of preparation and transformation.  It is an approximately four-week period in which we are invited to

Advent Christmas Reflection 22020-12-07T11:00:12-07:00

Advent Christmas Reflection 1

As the holiday song goes, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year,” or is it? Even before the Thanksgiving meal

Advent Christmas Reflection 12020-11-29T15:10:55-07:00

Pastor Mark’s Reflection

Thanksgiving ReflectionThanksgiving has always been a big deal in my family.  My parents would go all out cooking for family and

Pastor Mark’s Reflection2020-11-21T18:24:56-07:00

Mary McMahon’s Reflection

Praying Through Singing When I received an email asking me to write a reflection, my immediate thought was…sure...that will be easy…I

Mary McMahon’s Reflection2020-11-11T10:49:51-07:00
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