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Savannah Abbott, Reflection #1

For the first 27 years of my life, I could not identify God and I felt alone. In elementary school,

Savannah Abbott, Reflection #12020-07-29T09:01:43-07:00

Rev. Michael Lessard Reflection #1

The present political, economic, moral and healthcare turmoil is not new. It reveals the fragile and conflicted reality of human nature.

Rev. Michael Lessard Reflection #12020-07-13T13:34:41-07:00

Kevin McGloin’s Reflection #1

Gratitude I had the opportunity to work with a person over 30 years ago, who, when you asked how he

Kevin McGloin’s Reflection #12020-07-10T11:10:50-07:00

Pastor Mark’s Reflection #1

Let Peace Begin with Me When I was a child one of my favorite books was entitled The Sky is

Pastor Mark’s Reflection #12020-06-26T13:42:22-07:00

Fr. Dale’s Reflection #15

Four months ago, when I started to write these reflections, I never anticipated we would be where we are today. I

Fr. Dale’s Reflection #152020-06-22T13:20:16-07:00

Fr. Dale’s Reflection #14

How will we remember 2020? The truth is, it has not been a good year. As soon as I think

Fr. Dale’s Reflection #142020-06-15T20:06:21-07:00

Fr. Dale’s Reflection #13

I was about 40 years old before I shot a gun for the first time. . I was a candidate

Fr. Dale’s Reflection #132020-06-10T18:31:32-07:00

Fr. Dale’s Reflection #12

Please allow me to share something I read recently. It may be a little long, but please take a moment

Fr. Dale’s Reflection #122020-06-10T18:30:05-07:00
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