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Deacon Cheryl Armstrong’s Reflection

To Love Like Jesus In anticipation of our upcoming trip to Italy, I’ve been reflecting on my last trip to Italy

Deacon Cheryl Armstrong’s Reflection2022-06-20T16:36:26-07:00

Fr. Mike Lessard’s Reflection

Today’s reflection is from the first chapter of St. John’s Gospel verses 19-39. The testimony of John the Baptist is recalled in

Fr. Mike Lessard’s Reflection2022-06-11T16:29:28-07:00

Dawn Paschke’s Reflection

In the Garden Gardening, I think it is in my genetics.  My grandmother had a big garden, canned a lot of

Dawn Paschke’s Reflection2022-06-02T15:12:06-07:00

Deacon Rich Anlauf’s Reflection

My Life is a Song! What an amazing God we have! If we would totally surrender everything to Him and let

Deacon Rich Anlauf’s Reflection2022-05-18T22:21:54-07:00

Deacon Peter Palmer’s Reflection

Reflecting for the First Four Months of 2022 I am sure we will all agree that the last two years have

Deacon Peter Palmer’s Reflection2022-05-05T13:24:39-07:00

Deacon Dennis Paschke’s Reflection

In my own faith journey, I have come to know that following Jesus by living as he lived is not easy.During Holy

Deacon Dennis Paschke’s Reflection2022-05-12T18:01:54-07:00

Deacon Carol Palmer’s Reflection

A reflection for me is a very personal heartfelt part of me. Sometimes when I have thought about this writing I have

Deacon Carol Palmer’s Reflection2022-04-21T17:36:57-07:00

Rosemary Sambora’s Reflection

In one of our women’s bible study gatherings, I remember someone asking how to hear the Holy Spirit speaking to us; and

Rosemary Sambora’s Reflection2022-05-02T12:27:13-07:00

Pastor Mark Dippre’s Reflection

Peace Be with You… One of the most common greetings we hear from Jesus are the words, “Peace be with you.”  In

Pastor Mark Dippre’s Reflection2022-04-21T17:33:07-07:00

Dawn Paschke’s Reflection

Stretcher Bearers “A few days later, when Jesus again entered Capernaum, the people heard that he had come home.  So many

Dawn Paschke’s Reflection2022-04-18T11:23:15-07:00
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