2551 N Arizona Ave, Chandler, AZ 85225

Staff Contact Information
Office: 480-649-0300

Father Dale Fushek, Pastor & Executive Director:  [email protected]

Pastor Mark Dippre, Associate Pastor: [email protected]

John Nichols, Vocal Director: [email protected]

Mike Hall, Band Director:  [email protected]

Father Michael Lessard, Pastoral Counseling: [email protected]

Priscilla Bertoglio, Cross Shop: [email protected]

Tami Heinl, Office Manager: [email protected]

Kevin McGloin, Assistant to the Pastor:  [email protected]

Deacon Contact Information

Chuck Monroe, Coordinator of Deacons and Deacon of the Poor: [email protected]

Karen Klemens, Deacon of Adult Education: [email protected]

Greg Fyten, Deacon:  [email protected]

Peter Palmer, Deacon of Men’s Ministry:  [email protected]

Fred Pratt, Deacon of Funerals and I-HELP: [email protected]

Cheryl Armstrong, Deacon of Community Communications & Prayer: [email protected]

Sharon Trischan, Deacon: [email protected]

Peter Klemens, Deacon of International Outreach to the Poor:  [email protected]

John Null, Deacon of Prayer:  [email protected]

Rich Anlauf, Deacon of the Sick: [email protected]

Carol Palmer, Deacon of Women’s Ministry: [email protected]

Dennis Paschke, Deacon of Recovery Café: [email protected]

Elizabeth James, Deacon of Special Events: [email protected]

Executive Board of Directors

Joe Sesniak, President
Jesse Guerrero, 1st Vice President
Dr. Skip Watters, 2nd Vice President
Mindy Greene, Treasurer
Lori Deibler, Secretary
Ned Trivanovich, Director
Michelle Lee, Director

2551 N Arizona Ave, Chandler, AZ 85225
Office: (480) 649-0300