2551 N Arizona Ave, Chandler, AZ 85225

Staff Contact Information
Office: 480-649-0300

Father Dale Fushek, Pastor & Executive Director:  [email protected]

Pastor Mark Dippre, Associate Pastor: [email protected]

Terri Thompson, Office Manager: [email protected]

John Nichols, Vocal Director: [email protected]

Mike Hall, Band Director:  [email protected]

Father Michael Lessard, Pastoral Counseling: [email protected]

Priscilla Bertoglio, Cross Shop: [email protected]

Kevin McGloin, Assistant to the Pastor:  [email protected]

Sandy Thiernau, Hospitality Coordinator:  [email protected]

Deacon Contact Information

Chuck Monroe, Coordinator of Deacons and Deacon of the Poor: [email protected]

Karen Klemens, Deacon of Adult Education: [email protected]

Greg Fyten, Deacon:  [email protected]

Peter Palmer, Deacon of Men’s Ministry:  [email protected]

Fred Pratt, Deacon of Funerals and I-HELP: [email protected]

Cheryl Armstrong, Deacon of Community Communications & Prayer: [email protected]

Sharon Trischan, Deacon: [email protected]

Peter Klemens, Deacon of International Outreach to the Poor:  [email protected]

John Null, Deacon of Prayer:  [email protected]

Rich Anlauf, Deacon of the Sick: [email protected]

Carol Palmer, Deacon of Women’s Ministry: [email protected]

Dennis Paschke, Deacon of Recovery Café: [email protected]

Executive Board of Directors

Carl Leben, President – [email protected]
Jesse Guerrero, Vice President
Joe Sesniak, Second Vice President
Michelle Landgren Lee, Member
Mindy Greene, Treasurer
Dr. Harry “Skip” Watters, Member
Lori Deibler, Member
Diane Rocush, Non-Member Recording Secretary

2551 N Arizona Ave, Chandler, AZ 85225

Office: (480) 649-0300