Every person celebrates special days and events, birthdays, graduations, marriages, these dates are significant because they are packed with emotion and help place our lives in a context of change, fulfillment and meaning.

The people of Israel remembered the events of their freedom from oppression in Egypt and the joy of the harvest, the times when God redeemed them and delivered them from their enemies.

Holy Week is more than a remembrance of distant historical events or reenactments of significant cultural stories or cultic heroes. We enter into the experience of walking with Jesus in the pattern of our own death and rising. We share in the resurrection with Jesus because we have and are being led by His grace to meet Him at the Last Supper, on the Mount of Olives, at His Crucifixion and to witness the empty tomb.

The story of the “passion” is our story too. Salvation comes to us with an infinite cost and leaves behind a pearl of great price for us to hold in our hand and in our heart. Since God values you and me so much, the whole world has changed from darkness to light.

The tomb is empty because He lives and we live and the grace of this gift is poured out upon us. Have a blessed Holy Week and live the resurrection!