A vermillion paradise arose. The advent of newborn colors, slowly ascending.
It dabbed my world with the specter of the dawn.
And flittered, first among the tall branches and slowly raised my hopes…
Banishing away the dark shadows with rays of morning light,
Burnishing a polished brightness that illuminated my soul’s “dark night.”

A new actor arrived on stage to draw in the audience with a secret scene,
That quiet hush, as I tried to hear, such a softly spoken soliloquy.
It drew me into a theater of emancipation and set the daybreak free.
Such was our first encounter that introduced you to me.

Planted in my solitary garden was a kernel of deep pain.
A dark place all alone, waiting for Lost Eden to change.
Cultivated and brought to life when you appeared,
Breaking open the seeds edges and germinating untold tears.

So here I am my Lord waiting to grasp your hand,
And feel the warmth of morning’s glory touch this verdant land.