My Life is a Song!

What an amazing God we have! If we would totally surrender everything to Him and let Him lead the way for every aspect of our daily lives, we could see how truly amazing He is! When I wake up in the morning, I lay very still and realize that God has gifted me with another beautiful day. So many people don’t have the blessing of another day with our amazing God.

As I start my day, I find myself asking WHO AM I, that I can share His AMAZING GRACE with others I meet throughout the day! I soon realize my mind is fixed on HOW GREAT THOU ART! What an amazing God we have!

Over the years I have lived life as I felt was best for me, and it is no surprise that it didn’t go all that well. I was involved in an accident that shattered the lower part of my body, leaving me unable to walk, sit up, or function on my own. After a lengthy time in the trauma center, hospital, and much rehab, I was able to start a new life, thanks to my doctors and medical staff. I also got aspiration pneumonia and lost the ability to swallow or even walk or function on my own. Again, I endured a long time in the hospital and more rehab. During that stay I wasn’t expected to make it through the night, but I finally recovered, again thanks to my doctors and medical team. Then like many others, I got a serious case of Covid and found myself in the hospital, not knowing if there would be a tomorrow. Once more I recovered, thanks to my amazing doctors and their great staff. These are just a few of the setbacks I have experienced in my life.

It is true that I have had amazing care from my doctors and medical staff through my various health issues, but the real VOICE OF TRUTH told me that it was more than that. He told me it was because of the loving support of my wife and her never leaving my side; and the support of my entire family; and the prayers and visits from many PWC members. It was also because of Father Dale and the Deacons surrounding my bedside laying hands on me in prayer. It was the many visits and guidance of Pastor Mark.

Our amazing God kept planting His truth in me, and through His constant and most loving, kind, gentle, and patient presence, I finally realized that the One responsible for the remarkable care and restoration of my health was our amazing God. Each recovery was truly a miracle guided and directed by our ONE TRUE GOD. I believe that God did these things in me because He wasn’t done with me yet; and He still has more for me to do here on earth with Him.

I now understand that I must totally surrender every aspect of my life and every moment of everyday to live for Him. God alone has the right path for me to follow. So going forward, I HAVE DECIDED TO FOLLOW JESUS. And with that, I COME TO THE TABLE each day to share in the FLAWLESS plan He has for me and to live in His MERCY and share in His miraculous love with all who He leads across my path – OH, HAPPY DAY!