Sometimes in Life We Just Need a HUG!

“Have you ever noticed how magical a hug can be?

They can lift your spirits with the warmth of two arms holding you tight.  Hugs comfort those that need a shoulder to cry on or to heal a broken heart.  Hugs are there to welcome and reconnect us and ground us again in the gift of love.  A child hugs their mother for safety and security.  A hug always shows the gift of love.  Yes, there is something very magical about a hug, where two hearts are wrapped together as one.

I will admit to all of you that I am a hugger.  I love to give and receive hugs.  My children get hugs in the morning before they go to school, and I love to get the hugs from them when they return.  There are times I wish those hugs could surround them with protection and love from all the trials this world would throw at them.

Occasionally, I will hear one of them say, “Dad, can I have a hug?”.  What they are really asking for is the reassurance they are not going through this life alone.  That they have someone in their corner and these arms will always be there to hold them tight.  No words need to be spoken, but through the simple action of a hug, they feel the warmth and love and their world seems to be made a little bit brighter.

The bible teaches us the importance of a HUG.  St. Paul uses the phrase we are to embrace one another with a holy kiss.  We are called to support and hold one another in the reassurance of God’s love.  Jesus showed us what love looks like as he reached out his arms in love on the cross.  The arms are opened wide for us to run into and be embraced by His love. We are able to receive His healing, mercy, love, and support.  Jesus through those arms opened wide, showed us as believers, we are never alone.  All we must do is to open our arms and embrace that love.  That hug will lift our spirits and give us the gift of life.

It is amazing to me how much we need Jesus’ love right now.  We need that hug of reassurance; a hug of hope; a hug of love.

It seems the world is getting crazier by the minute.  Look around and see the fear and doubt that are being carried on the shoulders of so many.  During this pandemic, we were told to keep social distance and avoid physical contact.  I look around and see so many in need of a hug.

It is time, first and foremost, to receive the hug and embrace from the love of Jesus!  Then, as true believers, we need to go forth and proclaim God’s message of hope and one; one HUG at a time!

So, I ask you, “Are you a HUGGER?”