Change is in the wind. Apply that to our local environment and it could be change is in the stillness and dry heat of the desert. A couple of months ago, during Lent, our Praise and Worship Center (PWC) offered a series entitled the School of Change. I like to think of myself as a lifelong learner and I look forward to all of the amazing “Schools” that are offered. This one was no exception. We even had an exceptional theme song during Lent, Matt Maher’s The In Between. Here’s the refrain:

I was one way
But now I am different
There was a clear change in
A Holy collision
Who I was
And who I’ll forever be
And He was the in between

My eyes get misty every time I watch the video. We know that Jesus is “the in between”. Here’s the link to the video:

There is much room for positive change (especially chances to go deeper spiritually) in my life; and just before the School of Change started I was reminded of this fact. I get continual reminders, in the way of opportunities to change and to expand my comfort zone.

One area where change is imminent is literally right next door to me. My neighbor on one side decided to sell his place and move back to Ohio to be closer to his aging parents. What an act of love. He was blessed with a new job and has found a beautiful home. His place has been vacant for over 2 months now and a few days ago I happened to be outside when someone was there to change the locks. It seems that I’ll soon have a new neighbor(s). My prayer is that instead of being apprehensive about this change, that I will recognize God’s provision of a new neighbor(s) that will grow me in a good way. And I pray that I can return that blessing.

Another area where I am finding an opportunity for positive change and growth is as a student in a fantastic class offered by Father Michael Lessard, here at PWC, called the Listening Lab. In the past I have been told that I am a good listener. I am now realizing that there is a whole science (and art) behind listening. There are skills of which I was unaware, and to be an effective, and a loving listener, I need a lot of practice. I highly recommend this class to everyone.

Thank you, dear Holy Trinity, for the current opportunities to make positive changes in my life, specifically the opportunity to love my new neighbor(s) and the opportunity to respond well to Your call to be a better listener. I pray that I will do so for Your glory. To my PWC community and anyone reading this reflection, I invite you to travel the road of change. Let’s be transformed together, as the Body of Christ, into who we’ll forever be, knowing Jesus as “the in between” to our change.