The other day I sat down at my computer and found a quote printed out on the desk. It read:

“I love people
that have no idea
how wonderful they
are and just wander
around making the
world a better place.”

As I read this quote it really got me thinking of how blessed my life is with the people that I encounter every day; the family, friends, co-workers not to mention all the strangers that I encounter on my daily journey through life. I wonder if these wonderful people know that they really are making my world a better place.

I was greeted this morning with a smile by my wonderful wife. I know that I need to thank God for the blessing she is in my life. My children complete our love in the gift of the family and I never want them to doubt how they really have fulfilled my life. Their very lives with all the ups and downs make my world wonderful every single day.

I am so blessed by our faith community here at PWC. The men and women that we call our faith family really make my worship and praise to God a wonderful thing. We are blessed by wonderful musicians that fill our hearts with song and praise. We have greeters at the door that welcome us with a smile and make us feel like we belong. We have members of our hospitality team that make sure our needs are taken care of. We have wonderful people that walk around and bless our grounds so that our worship is dedicated to our God. I wonder if they know how wonderful they really are in making this world a better place.

Most of these people just go about their business not knowing the lives that they touch. Their simple acts of kindness or a smile and a heartfelt hello truly do make this world a better place. All of our lives are blessed by the behind-the-scenes blessings that God has paved the way with as we journey through life. Our world is wonderful because of the love they share.

So today no matter where you are, and even though you have no idea, know that you are making this world wonderful by just your being here. May today and always you know what a blessing we are by God creating and blessing this world with you.