Have you ever heard someone say, “I have some GOOD news and some BAD news?  Which do you want to hear first?”  Many make this out to be a very tough choice.  We always delight in hearing good news, but also are very curious about what bad things are going on all around us.  It seems lately to me that more and more of us are only listening to the bad news.  The doom and gloom that has be stirring up a lot of fear in our lives.

Take this past year for an example.  We have all been overwhelmed by the Covid-19 pandemic.  We have witnessed civil unrest in the political world of our democracy.  Schools have been closed and many people have been asked to work from home.  We moved from being social people living in community to individuals social distancing at home.  Even our faith life has changed from coming to worship, to worshiping online.  Just when you thought all the bad news was shared, someone found KILLER HORNETS.  We have fallen into a society that seems to be focused on bad news. 

So maybe it is time for us to start focusing on the GOOD NEWS, the news that brings hope, joy and laughter into our lives, the good news that calls us back to community.  It is time to share some time of fellowship and support for one another; to move from the doom and gloom to the hope and love of GOD.

As Christians we are called to focus on the Good News.  We are called to live in the hope and trust of God.  Change is happening all around us; change for the better.  Good news is being revealed.  There is hope on the horizon that needs to be proclaimed.  As we come out of the darkness of winter, into the fresh blooming of spring, we as Christians get ready to enter the good news of Holy Week;  a time to remember the promise of our LORD.  We are asked to renew the gift of our faith and proclaim the GOOD news into our world.  Our savior will conquer sin and death forever, so that you and I may live and have the gift of eternal life.  That is GOOD news.  That is the hopeful message that we need to hold onto; that is the message that needs to be proclaimed.  As we enter this time of renewal in the gift of our faith, let us all make a commitment to live for the GOOD NEWS; no longer walking with our heads down low, but instead lifted up with our voices giving God praise for all the blessings we are seeing in our world.  Now is the time to remember and believe that nothing can ever separate us from the love of God.  That is the good news that needs to be shared.  That is the good news that we need to proclaim.  That is the good news that needs to fill our spirits with joy.

So, for me, I always want to hear the Good News.  I want to fill my spirit with the hope and love of GOD.  Easter morning Mary and Martha ran from the grave proclaiming the GOOD NEWS.  “We have seen the Lord, he has risen”.  May we have the same joy in our hearts today and always looking for the good news and proclaiming it to all.