I want to pay all of you huge compliment.  You are AWESOME! I know for many compliments are very hard to accept.  We never want to boast, and we can always look for the flaws and shortcomings in our lives to overshadow the compliments given. Today, I do want to let you know that I stand by statement, when I say that you are AWESOME, and I will throw in amazing.  This is why!

As you all know we are affiliated with Mathew’s Crossing. I have been blessed serve as President of the Board for many years as well as other members of this community. One of the ministries of Mathew’s Crossing is called the “MEALS TO GROW PROGRAM.”  This program brings food for those children who are free and reduced lunch programs in the schools who don’t have anything to eat on the weekends.  Through many volunteers who meet on Tuesday’s and Wednesday mornings at Building 4:12 we can take food to over 84 schools and serve some 2000 students every week.  That ministry is made possible because of YOU!!!  Your tithing allows us to use Building 4:12 to reach out to those and need. SO again, I say YOU ARE AWESOME, AMAZING and so wonderful.

Over this past year, thanks to the wonderful people at PWC, 27,472 students received weekend backpacks.   Over 19,000 students received food assistance from our weekly food closets made possible from your donations and over 3,000 ASU students were served through our mobile food distributions. I am also very happy to report thanks to the efforts of many in this community, over 10,000 summer snack packs were delivered to schools throughout the East Valley.

Mathew’s Crossing is just one example of how your generosity is at work. I thank the many volunteers from our community as well all of you for your continued support for this vital ministry in our community.

Praise and Worship is doing what the gospel calls us to do in serving the poor. Jesus says, whatever you do the least of my brothers and sisters, you do to me” (Matthew 25:40).  I thank you for your generosity and continued support for this ministry. I also acknowledge all those who help with I-HELP.  You assist in providing meals, showers, and a place to sleep for our homeless brothers and sisters in need.  We are beginning a new ministry in Recovery Café and we will continue to do our best to reach out to those in need.  Again you are AMAZING!

These ministries are made possible by all of you, and I SAY thank you and that you are AMAZING. May we continue to do the work and ministry that God has entrusted to care.

SEE I told you that your AMAZING!!!