It is Time to be in Awe Again


have a beautiful picture in my office of Mary and Joseph holding baby Jesus, surrounded by children in awe wanting to see.  I look and see smiles, hope, wonder, excitement in their eyes.  It is the kind of picture that you can just see and feel the love.  It is a helpful reminder for me to keep my eyes pointed towards our Lord.  I think amid everything happening in the world, we have lost sight of that wonder and awe.  Many have lost sight of any hope or love.  I believe it is time to bring it back.

We are living in some very trying times right now.  There is fear about the pandemic; there is worry about our financial future; there is civil unrest and lots of hate going around the world.  So many of us are getting caught up in the uncertainty and chaos of the world.  We are being inundated with negative political ads and bad news.  It is no surprise many of us have lost sight of wonder and awe in our lives.

So how can we bring that wonder and awe back?    I think it is as simple as getting our priorities straight.  We need to put God back in the center of our lives.  We need to spend some time focusing on his love.   We need to become like the children in painting wanting to see hope.  With outreaching arms wanting to touch our lord, we need to be caught up in his wonder and awe.

I had a great spiritual director who always asked one question to me every time I would go into see him.  “How’s your prayer life?” is the greeting that I always heard.  He would follow it up that we must be caught up in the love of God.  He was right.  It is time for us to be in wonder and awe again.  It is time for us to pray like the children of God we are called to be and asking Him to let us see the wonder and awe of his unfailing love.