Today’s reflection is from the first chapter of St. John’s Gospel verses 19-39.

The testimony of John the Baptist is recalled in this scripture. It is the first witness to the identity of Jesus as the chosen one of God. It is from this proclamation that Jesus calls the apostles.

There is no baptism of Jesus as there is in the synoptic Gospels and no temptation in the wilderness.  Rather, there is an affirmation that God’s Spirit has singled him out as the Savior.

St. John’s community needs to know that John the Baptist is not the Messiah but that “he” points to the one who is fulfillment of God’s promise, and the lamb or God.

It is the witness of one man that paves the way for the son of man.  God opens the door to grace for everyone as the water of our sin and sorrow is turned into the wine of redemption through Jesus (wedding in Cana Jn. 2: 1-11).  It now satisfies our need, our hope, and the promise of eternal life.

The new wine of the kingdom and new creation fills-up the earthly clay jars of our humanity with God’s glory. Relying on this grace, let us be a means of grace like John, by pointing to Jesus in our testimony to God’s redemption and invite others to drink from the new wine of his healing, love, and blessing.