A lot has happened in the past few months. The pandemic is worse. The heat is “out of control”. The election is less than 3 months away and the rhetoric is heating up. The economy is not heating up quickly enough. We are only a few plagues short of feeling like the Pharaoh in Egypt.

On the personal side, I had a pacemaker put in and have had a hard time adjusting to it. In addition to that, I have been planning on putting tile in my little condo. You would not believe the chaos that is caused when you change flooring. I even spent a few nights in a hotel.

So, there you are. Up to the minute with life as I am experiencing it. I am sure each of you can add a paragraph or so with what has been happening in your life. The real question is, what does all this mean? Has God just allowed chaos to take over the world? Have we caused so much chaos in our lives that finally God is just allowing us to simmer in it?

Well, my friends, there is no doubt that we cause our share of chaos. I certainly did not need to choose wild tile to replace the carpeting in my place. And to be honest, I certainly didn’t need to eat the extra bag of potato chips when I was back in my 50’s. Our politicians do not need to be so nasty. And if we took better care of our world perhaps “global warming” may not be frying the streets that we live on. We cause our share of chaos there is no doubt. We could do better!

The truth is however, that the same sun came up today as yesterday. The same sun which has come up for millions of years rose today and the same moon pierced the darkness of last night. In other words, God is still the same. The Creator of all, the lover of all, and redeemer of all, is the same yesterday, today, and forever. God never changes. He does not change His mind about loving us or saving us.

This truth, my friends, is where we must find our hope and our foundation. We will be tossed around like a ship in a storm if we do not have the unchangeable God to lean on. Tonight, I invite you to look outside at the moon. Imagine what a great God it took to create it. And in the morning, look at the blazing sun. Feel the sun’s heat and understand the power of the sun. Recognize, as you experience the sun, the Creator who brought it to existence and keeps it burning today. That same God is ultimately in control of all.

We are not the victims of chaos, although we create enough of it to think so. We are the sons and daughters of a loving God who will never forsake us.