When Do We See God?

When do we see God, when is God available and we don’t see him.  This is my second or third reflection I have written for the newsletter, and perhaps I am seeing God working in my life a little more as time goes by.

I think the first year I wrote was about fishing in remote Alaska.  Seeing God there was easy:  snowcapped mountains, picturesque river, big bears, eagles, and the pronounced cycle of life.  As time has progressed, when I think I am experiencing God the experience is more internal.  Even events in the past I now see as internal.  God saved me from smoking 45 years ago and rescued me from alcohol 23 years ago.  Both of these habits were definitely outside appearing but took the love of God to get past.  The being saved from alcohol experience has led me to deep commitment to AA.  In the arena a Higher Power is relied on.

Let me share with you how I have perceived God this Christmas season.  Karen’s youngest son, Taylor wanted to host the family for Christmas at his home in Seattle.  This required seven of us to fly there and rent a car. The love we seven shared was palpable.  There was no drama.  Truly a joyous experience.  We have a tradition of having dinner out at Christmas with our daughter Anne and her husband George.  When we started in 2018 there were four of us now there are six.  Now little granddaughters have joined the tradition.  It is easy to see God working in the grandchild loving.

Christmas Eve brunch we had more family – three children and wives, six more grandchildren and even on prior spouse.   Another loving God filled day.

Karen and I attended the 5:00 pm service at PWC and it was very joyous!  Christmas morning was spent our littlest granddaughter Amelia and her big sister Noli who is three.  Another truly beautiful time!

All in all, I sense I am seeing God in my life easier.  Now I just need to see him in traffic!