I am married to my wife Sylvia, and we have been married for 32 years.  We have a blended family of seven children, twenty grandchildren and four great grandchildren.  I am a retired firefighter and worked with the Mesa Fire Department for 31 years and had a successful career.  I have attended church at the Praise and Worship Center since we have been in our current building.

I have two important ministries as a deacon.  One, I am one of three deacons that work with the poor.    I currently work with Matthew’s Crossing, I am on the Executive Board and serve as secretary.  I volunteer at Matthew’s Crossing and my focus is with the “Meals to Grow” (feeding hungry children in school) program.  When my schedule allows, I help put together the bags we give children on Tuesday, and I deliver bags and other food to schools on Wednesday.

My other ministry is, I serve as the Deacon Coordinator.  As deacons we meet monthly for continuous training, and I coordinate our training, meetings, and education with Father Dale.  I provide support and encouragement to all the deacons, update job descriptions and expectations.  I communicate with the deacons on an ongoing basis and act as the “voice of the deacons” as appropriate.

I enjoy working with both ministries and I get a sense of accomplishment from serving.  I feel like I can do more than I do, and I am open to the Holy Spirit guiding me to serve as the Lord desires.