How Jesus is Working in My Life

Have you ever noticed how we act more formally when talking to someone we do not know very well? The same thing is true with God.

Our understanding of what God is like, helps shape everything else in our lives, which includes our prayer lives. I want to continue to grow my relationship with our Lord and sometimes when something is on my mind, I will share it with God.

Since having Covid in 2020, I have come to believe that our Lord has more work for me to do and I try to be open to new opportunities to serve and listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. Knowledge of the bible and God’s word increases our responsibility. The more we put God’s Word into practice the more we become like Christ.

A few weeks ago, while delivering food for the “Meals to Grow” program (I deliver plastic bags, packed with ten items. Each bag will feed a student over the weekend but often helps the entire family). I took an assortment of food and bags with two large boxes of snacks to McClintock High School. One of the teachers came up and said, “thank goodness you are here, we have run out of food, and I need to take some food to a family.”  She shared one of their families, the father was in the hospital with Covid on a ventilator and might not make it. The mother did not work, and the family was struggling without an income and without food. I felt blessed that what I was involved in, delivering food, would make a small difference to a hurting family.  When I returned from my deliveries I informed Jennifer, the Meals to Grow Coordinator. Due to our awareness of this situation, we will be able to provide weekly additional support for this family.

I know God is at work through our deacons through the various ministries. I am proud of the women’s ministry and the difference they are making in so many of our women. I am proud of our men’s ministry, and believe Jesus is working at helping our men become leaders and disciples of Jesus. Our Lord is present with our marriage encounter ministry and helps married couples remain committed to one another.

It seems to me during the pandemic, we have lost more members and we have more funerals. I am proud of all our members that help and support one another during these difficult times. So many people step up and do whatever it takes to help each other.

We all go through difficult times, and it is through community and the love and compassion of one another that we get through these challenges.  We can all feel a sense of pride that we are part of a loving community. I pray that we continue to grow with love and compassion as we help the “poor in spirit.”