Father Dale started a wonderful adult series on “Change” a few months ago.  I do believe if we don’t constantly change, we will become like robots.  If God wanted us to be that way, He wouldn’t have given us free will. Sometimes we take the wrong road, but He is right there helping us all get back on course.

Prior to this class, we started a new format of learning and teaching in our Women’s Bible Study.  This was going to be a huge “Change” for our ladies, but I knew after much prayer that this was a good thing. I knew it was a risk to change, but I knew our ladies were willing to be open to it.  At first, I did have a few people who were not sure about this format, but I just kept saying let’s just give it a chance.  By the second class, I had the ladies looking forward to the next class and more.

First, instead one of us teaching the lesson, it was a video-based bible study that looks at the truth that you can trust God’s plans for your life. The study is based on Jeremiah 29:11-14, which is the promise that God has a plan for you and not for bad, but for good through Him. The class consisted of a 20-minute video of a well-known bible teacher, and then small group discussion took place at the tables.  Real fellowship took place with each other.

The things we learned we need to do are trust, surrender to God, study, and seek God through prayer. Ultimately the goal of a personal bible study is a transformed life and deep relationship with Jesus Christ.

One class was about “Seeking Him with All Your Heart.”  When we do we find Him, that sounds like, yes, we know all that stuff, but learning it in a different way changes and helps us understand even deeper.

We pray the Lord’s Prayer every Sunday at PWC, but when you study each and every line, it feels like it not only makes you understand the Lord’s Prayer more, but it is now written in your heart in a new and profound way.

Now, the reason I am telling you this is I have seen wonderful changes in the spiritual lives of our ladies.  We have had a greater understanding of the hope we have in our Lord.  We have had ladies share at their group discussions wanting to know more and feeling the Holy Spirit in their lives.

Standing where I do every class and hearing in their own words the change, convictions of how they seek God, He is closer than they ever knew.  One person told me she believes in people changing, but when she has seen her friend all in for Jesus, it is a new renewal of her own faith.  That is why I do this; it is for the glory of God. Jesus shows me that staying the course with this ministry is what He wants me to do.  I love these wonderful sisters in Christ and want to help them any way I can. We are all so excited with this type of study, we have chosen our next study.

It’s a study called “John”.  It will be delving deeper into his teaching.  I can hardly wait as it is a beautiful study.  If you would like to join us, the next class starts May 20. You are most welcome to attend.

With Love and Blessings,
Deacon Carol Palmer