As I have been pondering for a few weeks about writing this, I set down this morning, and as I prayed dear Holy Spirit please help, and of course I have many things flashing in my head now.

I know Christ is calling me to spread His gospel here and now.  I have been blessed to be the Deacon of Woman’s Ministry.  Seeing the transformation of the ladies in our class is truly amazing, and I know in the past four years these ladies have discovered Jesus in a new way.

Understanding and reading the Bible has changed their lives, and I have had the privilege of seeing this come together.  My dear friend Carol Taylor was such a teacher and mentor for all of us.  What a blessing it was when she taught.

The word that comes to mind is surrender.  That is such a hard word to wrap your head around; but that is what Christ is calling for us to do. God may bring me to this point, but unless I do it, He won’t push me through it.  It means breaking the hard outer layer of my control.  If I want what God wants, then I must look in that mirror and surrender my life to Him. So, the word surrender is huge, however, if I trust and believe then I will.  When you think of surrender, He doesn’t say it will be easy, but if we trust and believe He will walk us through every step.

This brings me to Carol again.  At a retreat a few years ago, Carol said her word for the year was surrender.

That was a big word as we thought she had it all together. Walking with her during her journey in the past three years this very strong woman of God, became the woman God had planned for her to be.

Even though through her illness there was many very difficult moments, she always had the strength to share her faith with the doctors, nurses, and all of us. Her favorite psalm was Psalm 23 and she truly lived these words. I dedicate this reflection to my dear friend, Carol Taylor, as I quote from Psalm 23:6:  “Surely goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.”

Carol was loved dearly here, but without a doubt I know she is with our savior in the house of the Lord, someday I will see her again!