Fr. Dale Fushek’s Reflection

My dad raised my brother, sister, and me, to be patriotic.   When the Star-Spangled Banner was played before a football game

Fr. Dale Fushek’s Reflection2021-06-25T11:09:52-07:00

Deacon Cheryl Armstrong’s Reflection

Create a clean heart for me, God; put a new, faithful spirit deep inside me! Return the joy of your salvation

Deacon Cheryl Armstrong’s Reflection2021-06-25T11:06:08-07:00

Deacon Dennis Paschke’s Reflection

Abide in Me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, unless it abides in the vine, neither

Deacon Dennis Paschke’s Reflection2021-06-21T13:53:41-07:00

Pastor Mark Dippre’s Reflection

I can remember receiving a phone call from our adoption case manager with the news that we were going to be

Pastor Mark Dippre’s Reflection2021-06-14T11:24:04-07:00

Fr. Michael Lessard’s Reflection

“The Spirit Himself and our spirit bear united witness that we are children of God” (Romans. 8:16)This little verse says so much

Fr. Michael Lessard’s Reflection2021-06-07T09:35:28-07:00

Pastor Mark Dippre’s Reflection

Memorial Day:  A Time to Remember I have been blessed with the honor of visiting the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Pastor Mark Dippre’s Reflection2021-05-31T11:47:17-07:00

Tom Cutrera’s Reflection

The first thing I do every morning when I awake is say “Good morning, Jesus”. I put on my glasses and

Tom Cutrera’s Reflection2021-05-06T18:02:03-07:00

Charlie Pyeatte’s Reflection

I heard a story years ago about a holy man in India who announced that he was traveling to the United States.

Charlie Pyeatte’s Reflection2021-04-21T14:41:44-07:00

Mary McMahon’s Reflection

I was asked to write a reflection on how I see Jesus in my life.  How easy is that!!!!! Let’s start with

Mary McMahon’s Reflection2021-05-10T12:37:16-07:00

Sandy Thiernau’s Reflection #2

This is a tribute to “Courage”, and a plea that we continue to recognize and appreciate it in all forms great

Sandy Thiernau’s Reflection #22021-03-24T17:36:24-07:00
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