Stepping Through Life with My Savior Jesus Christ

This reflection is about Jesus in my life and how He has changed me. I do believe the only way God can truly change us is if we repent of our ways with obedience towards Him, believing in the love of Christ. Be available every day for the guidance He so wants us to hear.

Sometimes we miss so much because of being too busy. I try every day, before my day’s activities begin, to stop, pray, and listen for the God moments that cross my path.

In my early 30’s I remember hearing the call of God. “Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying ‘Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?’” (New International Version, Isaiah 6.8).

I said, Here I am. Send me! One Sunday morning we sang that song and I knew it was me. I raised my hand and that’s really when it began to stir in my heart, and what it meant. The first assignment was for Peter and me to teach the Alpha class. This is a wonderful class bringing people to the understanding of who our God is.

I have found in my life that God wants to move me from where I am to what He has planned. Peter and I are great partners in what God has in store for us. It was time to step out in faith and follow Him to a foreign land. We went to Nicaragua where our church was building a Christian school. Sometimes, moving out of our own comfort zone is where we grow. It was like stepping back in time. The people were so gracious and so full of the love of God. We thought we were going there to bless the people, and we came home totally blessed. Jesus said, “Go make disciples of all nations.” (New International Version, Matthew 28.19). The word GO is the word we heard. Peter and I knew God had bigger plans than we knew. When we pray, and listen, we hear His voice. He was calling us to step out in faith again. We left Seattle, leaving family and church. We moved to Palm Springs. In California we were involved in ministry and teaching. Peter preached and I was involved in women’s ministry. We were both involved in small group ministry. After four years, we felt once again that we needed to listen to where God wanted us.

We came to Phoenix for a few days, thinking we were just getting away for a weekend. However, God kept showing this was where He wanted us. He was, again, taking us from our comfort zone and stretching us. After much searching for a church, God guided us to the Praise and Worship Center. We fell in love with the people and the teaching of Father Dale and Pastor Mark.

We had submitted our lives to the Father. Last Sunday, when we were ordained as deacons, three of the couples from our California church watched our service. They understood that when you step out in faith, God rewards you beyond anything you can imagine. That is the way we feel at the Praise and Worship Center.

Yes, God has changed me through the years and will continue to do so until He takes me home.