One of the many blessings we have  here at the Praise and Worship Center is our music and our musicians. In many ways our pastors have a competition on Sunday mornings.  I do have to admit I frequently get lost in the talent of the musicians, the quality of the sound of their voices, and the seeming ease of their talent. It is easy to not  listen to the words.

Several Sundays ago, as I was listening to the music, the words of a song just stood out. It was an unusual title, and the more I listened, the more the words became so impactful. “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again.”

I know that I cannot control the rhythm or beats of my heart. However, I do have some influence over the health of my heart.  I can control the way I manage the stress and anxiety that I have in my life, the physical exercise I have or don’t have which influence the health of my heart.   The amount of rest I allow my heart affects my overall health.

As the song continued, I began to think about my spiritual heart. I thought about the influence I have over my spiritual heart. What do I do to care for and nurture my spiritual heart? In what ways do I neglect my spiritual heart? Do I let the day-to-day stresses and strains of our everyday life put pressure on my often-neglected spiritual heart.? Do I simply ignore my spiritual heart and let it atrophy into a neglected part of my life?

I am reminded of the commercial on TV where a very professional repairman goes to the front door and rings the bell.  A very distraught and distressed homeowner opens the door and tells the repairman about the problems they were experiencing, and the repairman simply says “Relax, I got this.”

God comes to our door and knocks. When we open that door, He is there waiting to hear our problems, concerns, stresses, worries, and fears. He simply tells us “Relax, I got this.”  I think this is when He tells us to “tell your heart to beat again.” We have a spiritual heart that is now calm and trusting; a heart that is at rest and now has the strength, passion and energy to focus on God and His love for us.

So, the next time I hear our musicians sing this song I’m going to focus on the words and try to be more aware of my spiritual heart.  Is it racing out of fear and neglect or is it calm and well cared for and not ignored?

I want to be listening to God tell me, “Relax I got this.” “Let your heart beat again”.