1 Samuel 1:24-28, December 22, 2021

In those days,
Hannah brought Samuel with her,
along with a three-year-old bull,
an ephah of flour, and a skin of wine,
and presented him at the temple of the LORD in Shiloh.
After the boy’s father had sacrificed the young bull,
Hannah, his mother, approached Eli and said:
“Pardon, my lord!
As you live, my lord,
I am the woman who stood near you here, praying to the LORD.
I prayed for this child, and the LORD granted my request.
Now I, in turn, give him to the LORD;
as long as he lives, he shall be dedicated to the LORD.”
She left Samuel there.


Hannah consecrated Samuel to the Lord after she yearned and fervently prayed for a son.  Samuel is then offered by Hannah and her husband to the Lord together with the sacrifice of a bull.     Leaving him at the temple, Samuel was Hannah and her husband’s gift to God, they dedicated Samuel to the Lord.   All children are a gift from God.  One of the most challenging aspects for a parent is to let their child go to independently pursue their life and to find value and purpose to their life.  As a gift from God, children do not entirely belong to their parents, but all of us belong to God, he is our creator.   As our everlasting parent, God loves us infinitely and unconditionally and ultimately knows what is best for us to live in true peace, delight, and harmony.  Giving ourselves completely to God, in all aspects of our life, including our lives as parents, will allow us to experience genuine joy because we are trusting in the goodness of God.