Song of Songs 2:8-14, December 21, 2021


Hark! my lover–here he comes
springing across the mountains,
leaping across the hills.
My lover is like a gazelle
or a young stag.
Here he stands behind our wall,
gazing through the windows,
peering through the lattices.
My lover speaks; he says to me,
“Arise, my beloved, my dove, my beautiful one,
and come!
“For see, the winter is past,
the rains are over and gone.
The flowers appear on the earth,
the time of pruning the vines has come,
and the song of the dove is heard in our land.
The fig tree puts forth its figs,
and the vines, in bloom, give forth fragrance.
Arise, my beloved, my beautiful one,
and come!

“O my dove in the clefts of the rock,
in the secret recesses of the cliff,
Let me see you,
let me hear your voice,
For your voice is sweet,
and you are lovely.”



The Song of Songs, also called The Song of Solomon, is a compendium of poems about passion, love, and dating.   Historically, this love song is emblematic of the devotion between God and his people.  These songs celebrate young love, which is new, adventurous, electrifying, and exciting.  On a human level, if it is true love between two individuals; young love develops into a deep commitment and enduring love.  Many times, in our spiritual lives, because of laziness or complacency, our relationship with Jesus can wane over time.  The love of God for us does not.  Genuine love actualizes qualities in another which no one else has the insight to realize.  This is how God sees us.  God’s love is continual, infinite, and endlessly authentic.  If we become too smug in our relationship with God, it darkens the realization of God’s love for us.  As we near Christmas Day, remembering the birth of Jesus, we are invited to prayerfully bask and relish in God’s absolute love for us.