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Our Assisi Trip Social Meeting is tonight, Wednesday, September 14 from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm. This is an opportunity for those of us who are going to Assisi later this month to get to know one another and receive any last minute final instructions on our exciting trip!

Check out our Fall 2022 Calendar, it contains all the events going on at PWC from September through December. Please review the calendar and see how you can get involved at PWC this fall: Fall 2022 Calendar.

Men and Women
of PWC!

Get this on your calendar for this Saturday, September 17.
The Brothers’ Ministry and the Women’s Bible Study will meet on Saturday, from 9:00 am to 10:30 am.

The men will meet in Building 4:12 and the women in the church. Both will be serving breakfast! Each group is starting a new semester. You are most welcome to invite a friend!

Our website reflections inspire every week! During the month of September we are going to take a break and give our writers a well deserved rest. In the meantime, check out past reflections to help inspire you! Click on our Weekly Reflection Tile and be nourished. Here is the link: PWC Reflections Page.

Do You Want to Inspire Others in Our Community? We are looking for writers for our weekly website reflections. Your subject would be on how Jesus is working in your life, an experience in ministry that inspired you, or something in a spiritual nature that you would like to share with the community. The word limit would be 500 to 600 words. If you are interested, please email Kevin at [email protected].

An Update on our Staff: We want to let you know that we have filled open some staff positions at PWC. Our children’s coordinator, Tami Heinl, will be moving to the front office, as our office manager. Tami’s outgoing and affable personality will bring even more life to our office. In addition, Tami’s daughter, Rachel Freeman, will now be our children’s coordinator working with PWC kids on Sunday mornings and seeking to expand our ministry to young people. Rachel has extensive experience in working with children and teenagers. Finally, a big THANK YOU to Pete Rehm who so graciously ministered in our office this summer. Pete did such a wonderful job and we cannot thank him enough! Please welcome Tami and Rachel to their new positions and thank Pete when you see them.

PWC would not be where it is at today, without your tithing. From meeting countless needs within our community your financial gift allows us to minister to so many people from those wanting to learn more about their faith, to couples looking to enrich their marriage, to children seeking to know Jesus, and to those who are sick desiring the healing touch of Jesus. Thank You! If you have been gone for the summer and have not been giving, it would be very much appreciated if you would make up your gift to help us meet our expenses. Our collections are always down for the summer.
Here are the different ways you can tithe to PWC:
Mail in your gift to: Praise and Worship Center, 2551 N. Arizona Avenue, Chandler, AZ 85225.
Donate on our web page: Donation Form.
Sign up for monthly giving with a credit card or voided check. Just call the office at 480-649-0300 or stop by the office.

Bible Study with Fr. Dale is off to a great start! It was good to see so many last Sunday. Here are the remaining dates for our bible study: Sunday morning, September 18 and 25 from 8:45 am t0 9:30 am in Building 4:12. We are studying the Book of Proverbs.

PWC Kids is this Sunday, September 18 at 9:30 am in Building 4:12. Contact Rachel Freeman for more information about PWC Kids at 480-649-0300 [email protected]. Please Note: PWC Kids is for young people grades K through Five.

Thank you to those who signed up to minister on Sunday morning with PWC Kids. If you would like to volunteer on Sunday morning, please sign up in the church office and Rachel will contact you.

The Praise and Worship Center wants to invite you to a special event on "Wills and Trusts: Are you Prepared?" The event will be on Thursday, September 22 from 10:00 am - 11:30 am. This event is open to everyone. Any questions, please contact Pastor Mark Dippre.

The School of Prayer is coming this fall to PWC! Mark your calendars for Wednesday evenings: October 12, 19, 26 November 2 and 9 at 7:00 pm. The School of Prayer will explore different ways and styles of prayer and why we are called to prayer as Christians. The goal of the School of Prayer is to explain and experience how one can have an intimate relationship with God through prayer. You are most welcome to invite your friends!

Check out the book Learning to Pray: A Guide for Everyone by James Martin in the Cross Shop. This will be the book we will be using for the School of Prayer in October. For your summer reading you can start now, have it done and be ready for the class. It is on sale for only $22.99.

A Reflection from Richard Rohr:
We All Need Forgiveness
When all is said and done, the gospel comes down to forgiveness. I’d say it’s the whole gospel. It’s the beginning, the middle, and the end. People who know how to forgive have known how good it feels to be forgiven, not when they deserved it, but precisely when they didn’t deserve it.

If we’re Christian, we’ve probably said the “Our Father” ten thousand times. The words just slip off our tongues: “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.” By saying this prayer, we’ve asked and prayed for forgiveness. Notice the full correlation between how we give and how we receive: “Forgive us as we forgive.” They’re the same movement. We need to know that we need mercy, we need understanding, and then we also need to know how to give it. Each flows with the energy of the other.

I have often found people in 12-step programs or in jail who were quite forgiving of other people’s faults because they’d hit the bottom. They knew how much it hurt to hurt. They knew how terrible it is to hate yourself and to accuse yourself. When someone with a generous heart and a loving spirit entered their lives and forgave them, it was like being reborn. Someone else loves a part of me that I can’t love myself! They just taught me how to do it!

I remember when I was jail chaplain in Albuquerque, I would read in the newspaper the stories of criminals in our city and I would form an opinion about how terrible they were. Years ago, a young woman committed murder to steal a baby. Everybody in the city hated her, I think. I went to the jail the very next day, and they told me that she wanted to see a priest.

I didn’t want to go in the cell because I knew I wouldn’t like her. I knew I would judge her because I’d already judged her. I can’t tell the whole story, but I will share this much: when I left that cell, I had nothing but tears and sympathy for the suffering of that young woman.

You see, the One who knows all can forgive all. But all we know is a little piece—the part that has offended us. Only God knows all, and so God is the One who can forgive all.

If we’re honest, none of us have lived the gospel. None of us have loved as we could love, or as we have been loved by God. I talk about it from the pulpit much better than I live it. And yet that very recognition—that I have not yet lived love—allows me to stand under the waterfall of infinite mercy. It’s only then that I know how to let mercy flow through me freely. That I receive it undeservedly allows me to give it undeservedly.

With all that is going on in September at PWC, we look forward to you getting more involved at PWC!

Fr. Dale and Pastor Mark

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