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We hope your week is going well! Today is a busy day at PWC!

Adult Education with Fr. Dale
Understanding the
Humanity of Jesus

Wednesday, May 10: 7:00 pm

Next Wednesday
Understanding the
Divinity of Jesus

May 17: 7:00 pm

Join us Tonight
for Contemplative Prayer
@ 6pm led by
Deacon Karen Klemens

Also, Wednesday, May 17: 6:00 pm

Life Line Screening
is at PWC today, Wednesday, May 10.

If you would like to schedule a last-minute appointment, you must call Megan at 330-224-1786.
Life Line Screening goes beyond the regular checkups to look inside your arteries for signs of plaque buildup. There are four screenings for $149.00: Carotid Artery Disease, Peripheral Arterial Disease, Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm, and Atrial Fibrillation.

Recovery Café News
Next Open House / New Member Intro
This Saturday, May 13, 2023
@10:00 am
RSVP to 480 530-7090

Thank you for your tithing and commitment to PWC! Your generosity allows us to minister to so many who come through our doors with their spiritual, emotional, and physical needs. From pastoral counseling to grief support, to Bible Study, to Adult Education, to providing food through Matthew’s Crossing for families who are economically struggling to PWC Kids and Marriage Enrichment and our funeral ministry; your consistent giving makes a difference, a big change in people’s lives!
Here are the different ways you can tithe to PWC:
Mail in your gift to: Praise and Worship Center, 2551 N. Arizona Avenue, Chandler, AZ 85225.
Donate on our web page: Donation Form.
Sign up for monthly giving with a credit card or voided check. Just call the office at 480-649-0300 or stop by the office.

The reflections on our website encourage you each week! This week check out a reflection by Priscilla Bertoglio, our Cross Shop Manager. Next week we will hear from Terri Thompson. Both are wonderful reflections you can apply to your life! Click on our Weekly Reflection Tile and be supported! Here is the link: PWC Reflections Page.

Fr. Mike Lessard is available for pastoral counseling on Monday and Wednesday mornings. Please call the church office to make an appointment at 480-649-0300.

Are you homebound? If so, Deacon John Null can bring you communion. The only exception is if you have or are recovering from Covid. The best way to get in touch with Deacon John is by contacting the church office, at 480-649-0300, and leaving a message.

We want to pray for you! PWC has a prayer chain committee who will lift you and your loved ones in prayer. Please go to our prayer website: Online Prayer Request Form.

Don’t forget about the PWC website, we have a lot of important information for you: PWC Website.

Get involved at PWC: Please check out the calendar for May: Online Calendar

A Reflection
from Henri Nouwen:
Solitude Creates a Space for God

To live a Christian life means to live in the world without being of it. It is in solitude that this inner freedom can grow. Jesus went to a lonely place to pray, that is, to grow in the awareness that all the power he had was given to him; that all the words he spoke came from his Father; and that all the works he did were not really his but the works of the One who had sent him. In the lonely place Jesus was made free to fail.

A life without a lonely place, that is, a life without a quiet center, easily becomes destructive. When we cling to the results of our actions as our only way of self-identification, then we become possessive and defensive and tend to look at our fellow human beings more as enemies to be kept at a distance than as friends with whom we share the gifts of life.

In solitude we can slowly unmask the illusion of our possessiveness and discover in the center of our own self that we are not what we can conquer, but what is given to us. In solitude we can listen to the voice of him who spoke to us before we could speak a word, who healed us before we could make any gesture to help, who set us free long before we could free others, and who loved us long before we could give love to anyone. It is in this solitude that we discover that being is more important than having, and that we are worth more than the results of our efforts. In solitude we discover that our life is not a possession to be defended, but a gift to be shared. It’s there we recognize that the healing words we speak are not just our own but are given to us; that the love we can express is part of a greater love; and the new life we bring forth is not a property to cling to, but a gift to be received.

We are looking forward to seeing you tonight for Fr. Dale’s class on understanding the humanity of Jesus! Have a wonderful week! Please continue to pray for peace in our hearts, our community, and in our world.

Fr. Dale and Pastor Mark

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