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We hope your week has been a good one! Here’s what’s up at PWC!

Connect In-Person and Worship with us for Sunday Service @ 10:00 am
The scripture reading for the Fifth Sunday of Easter, May 7, is John 14:1-12. Here is a synopsis of the reading: Jesus tells his disciples, “I am the way the truth and the life. Please come to Sunday worship prepared to hear the Word of God proclaimed; we invite you to read the scripture passage before service. The music for this Sunday can be found on the top-right hand corner of our website.

Anointing of the Sick This Sunday
@ 10:00 am Service

On Sunday, May 7 during the 10:00 am service we will be anointing those who are sick in our community. If you know of anyone who needs physical healing, please invite them.

Marriage Enrichment will meet tonight, Friday, May 5 at 6:30 pm in the church
Open to all married couples, this will be an excellent opportunity to grow in your relationship with your spouse through the person of Jesus through a presentation and small group discussion questions! Dinner will be served, Mexican food, it is Cinco de Mayo!!!!

Life Line Screening is coming to PWC
next Wednesday, May 10

Life Line Screening goes beyond the regular checkups to look inside your arteries for signs of plaque buildup. There are four screenings for $149.00: Carotid Artery Disease, Peripheral Arterial Disease, Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm, and Atrial Fibrillation. Call 1-800-679-5191 to register or for more information.

Thank you to all those who participated in PWC Kids this year! Last Sunday, April 30 was our last one for the school year. What a blessing this ministry has been to our young people! A special thanks goes out to those who volunteered for this ministry.

Get involved at PWC: Please check out the calendar for May: Online Calendar

Adult Education
with Fr. Dale

Understanding the
Humanity of Jesus

Wednesday, May 10: 7:00 pm

Understanding the
Divinity of Jesus

Wednesday, May 17: 7:00 pm

Contemplative Prayer
led by Deacon Karen Klemens
Wednesdays, May 10 & 17: 6:00 pm

Thank you for your tithing and commitment to PWC! Your generosity allows us to minister to so many who come through our doors with their spiritual, emotional, and physical needs. From pastoral counseling to grief support, to Bible Study, to Adult Education, to providing food through Matthew’s Crossing for families who are economically struggling to PWC Kids and Marriage Enrichment and our funeral ministry; your consistent giving makes a difference, a big change in people’s lives!
Here are the different ways you can tithe to PWC:
Mail in your gift to: Praise and Worship Center, 2551 N. Arizona Avenue, Chandler, AZ 85225.
Donate on our web page: Donation Form.
Sign up for monthly giving with a credit card or voided check. Just call the office at 480-649-0300 or stop by the office.

Thank you to Bill LaRew, Melinda Veil as well as Savannah Abbott for all their hard work in creating our Prayer Chapel. The Prayer Chapel is still a work in progress, and it will be a place or quiet and reflection. We look forward to members of our community spending time there in quiet prayer.

A Note from Bill and Melinda

Hi Everyone, We are celebrating one year with Praise and Worship and are so grateful for the impact it has had on our lives. Bill’s baptism, the community connections, the bible studies, the classes, the love shared and the presence of the Holy Spirit in this church has all been beyond a blessing.

We wanted to show our gratitude by making over the prayer corner and we hope you like it. The Confessional looks magnificent, polished up and restored to its former glory out in the church. In the corner we installed new flooring and molding, finished the window out with special tile, painted, put in some chairs and a new kneeler (which matches the Confessional).

Savannah was an incredible help, and we are grateful for her enthusiasm in her faith. It is very inspiring.

We hired a professional artist Hunter Luck who does amazing spiritual paintings and I think his work will knock your socks off! He is doing three things: Birth, Life and Resurrection to be on the walls.

This is where we are asking for some contributions towards a final bill of $4800. It will be completed June 1. Just make out the donation to Praise and Worship and designate towards the wall in our beautiful new prayer corner.

Thank you for anything you can do!

With Love,
Melinda and Bill

A Reflection
by Ronald Rolheiser
Why Don’t We Preach
Hellfire Anymore?
Why don’t we preach hellfire anymore? That’s a question asked frequently today by a lot of sincere religious people who worry that too many churches and too many priests and ministers have gone soft on sin and are over-generous in speaking about God’s mercy.

So why not preach fear? Because it’s wrong, pure and simple. Brainwashing and physical intimidation are also effective, but fear is not the proper fuel for love. You don’t enter a love relationship because you feel afraid or threatened. You enter a love relationship because you feel drawn there by love.

More importantly, preaching divine threat dishonors the God in whom we believe. The God whom Jesus incarnates, and reveals is not a God who puts sincere, good-hearted people into hell against their will, on the basis of some human or moral lapse which in our moral or religious categories we deem to be a mortal sin.

What kind of God would underwrite this kind of a belief? What kind of God would not give sincere people a second chance, a third one, and seventy-seven times seven more chances if they remain sincere?

A healthy theology of God demands that we stop teaching that hell can be a nasty surprise waiting for an essentially good person. The God we believe in as Christians is infinite understanding, infinite compassion, and infinite forgiveness. God’s love surpasses our own and if we, in our better moments, can see the goodness of a human heart despite its lapses and weaknesses, how much more so will God do this. We’ve nothing to fear from God.

We look forward to seeing you this Sunday at 10:00 am!

Fr. Dale and Pastor Mark

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