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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
Everyone is Irish today, even Fr. Dale!

Men of PWC, this Saturday, March 18, is your opportunity to grow in your Christian faith and support other men in experiencing Christ through the PWC Men’s Ministry.
We are meeting from 9:00 am to 10:30 am in Building 4:12. Refreshments will be served! You are most welcome to invite other men to this Christian gathering of men.

The Women’s Bible Study is also meeting this Saturday, March 18 from 9:00 am to 10:30 am in the church. Our bible study will continue on the Book of Jeremiah and the focus will be on prayer.
We will be serving a wonderful breakfast.

We look forward to seeing you this Sunday, the Fourth Sunday of Lent for worship at 10:00 am!

The scripture reading for this Sunday, March 19 is Ephesians 5:8-14. Here is a synopsis of the reading: The Ephesians are told to live as children of light.

Please come to Sunday worship prepared to hear the Word of God proclaimed; we invite you to read the scripture passage before service. The music for this Sunday can be found on the top-right hand corner of our website.

PWC Kids: We are taking this Sunday March 19 off for Spring Break.

Another great turnout for
The School of Change!

Our last session is this coming Wednesday, March 22 @ 7:00 pm. Fr. Dale will be leading and teaching this session.

Change your life.
God’s kingdom is here.

Matthew 4:17 MSG

Before the School of Change starts join us for Contemplative Prayer with Deacon Karen Klemens at 6:00 pm on Wednesday, March 22. Contemplative Prayer is a great tradition of the church where we are able to quiet and center ourselves in the loving presence of Jesus. If you have never experienced it, why not give it a try? It is a great way to slow down and spiritually rest.

We will be running a series entitled, “Meet the PWC Deacons,” hopefully, this will give you a better opportunity to know our deacons and how they can minister to you.
Meet the Deacons

Deacon Rich Anlauf

I was born in St. Paul Minnesota to Rich and Jayne Anlauf and was blessed to be the big brother to my amazing younger sister Jacquie. My dad was a career Army officer; thus, I moved often growing up. I stopped moving with my family in the 1960’s to attend the U of Minnesota.

During my adult working career I was as a supermarket manager in St. Paul, Minnesota, a buyer at Costco Wholesale Club in Seattle, a vice president of global sales for BJ’s Wholesale Club in Boston, an executive director of several assisted living/memory care facilities, and was blessed to end my career as COO for Family Comfort Hospice.

Twenty years ago, through God’s grace I was given an incredible gift, my wife Sandy. Combined Sandy and I have five children, seven grandchildren, and will soon welcome our third great grandchild. After moving from Las Vegas to Mesa, God granted another amazing gift, when Joyce Bailey invited us to PWC. We have been members for the last 14 years. We have been blessed to have been lead on our spiritual journey by Father Dale, and Pastor Mark, and thanks to an amazing PWC community we have received an overabundance of love.

I received another special gift, as our amazing God provided me the opportunity to be ordained a deacon. This has truly been life altering, to be so spiritually filled, and blessed by serving with our other brother and sister deacons.

Although I don’t have a specific deacon ministry currently, it has been my honor to work with and support my fellow deacons in their ministries. I remain available to step in with a Servants Heart to assist my brothers, and sisters in serving the PWC community as God leads us in moving forward on His beautiful journey of serving Him in all that we do as a family of believers at PWC.

Holy Week and Easter

Palm Sunday,
April 2, Service: 10:00 am

Good Friday,
April 7, Service: 7:00 pm

Holy Saturday Retreat:
April 8, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Easter Sunday,
April 9: Services: 7:00 am: Outdoors & 10:00 am: Church

Giving to the PWC ministry makes a difference in how we can minister to others. Due to your tithing, we are able, many times, to meet the needs of those in our community who are experiencing spiritual, emotional, and physical concerns. From pastoral counseling to grief support, to Bible Study, to Adult Education, to providing food through Matthew’s Crossing for families who are economically struggling to PWC Kids and Marriage Enrichment and our funeral ministry; your consistent giving makes a difference, a big change in people’s lives!
Here are the different ways you can tithe to PWC:
Mail in your gift to: Praise and Worship Center, 2551 N. Arizona Avenue, Chandler, AZ 85225.
Donate on our web page: Donation Form.
Sign up for monthly giving with a credit card or voided check. Just call the office at 480-649-0300 or stop by the office.

A Reflection by
Ronald Rolheiser:
Living Less with Fear
In virtually every instance in scripture where God appears within ordinary life, either through an angel, a special phenomenon, or through an appearance of the resurrected Christ, the first words are invariably: “Do not be afraid!” The soothing of fear, not its intensification, is the normal criterion that the voice we are hearing is coming from love.

We have many unconscious fears of God:

- that God is not as understanding and compassionate as we are.
- that God is not a big-hearted as we are.
- that God does not read the heart and cannot tell the difference between wound and coldness, immaturity, and sin.
- that God gives us only one chance and cannot bear any missteps and infidelities. - that God doesn’t respect our humanity, that God created us in one way but wants us to live in another way in order to be saved.
- that God is threatened by our doubts and questions, like an insecure leader.
- that God is less interested in our lives than we are and less solicitous for our salvation and that of our loved ones than we are.
- that God is as helpless before our moral helplessness as we are.

Here’s a parable: Years ago, I was at the funeral of a young man who had died tragically in a car accident. At the time of his death, on the surface, his relationship to his church and to some of its moral teachings was far from ideal: He was not attending church regularly, was living with his girlfriend outside of marriage, was not much concerned about poor or the larger community, and was, in simple terms, partying pretty hard.

But everyone who knew him also knew of his essential goodness and his wonderful heart. There wasn’t an ounce of malice in him, and heaven would be forever a less colorful and more impoverished place if he weren’t there. At the reception following the church service, one of his aunts said to me: “He was such a good person, if I were running the gates of heaven, I would certainly let him in.”

I assured her that, no doubt, God felt the same way, given that God’s understanding and forgiveness infinitely surpass our own.

Please remember to keep Sunday holy, we look forward to seeing you on Sunday at 10:00 am! It is important for you to be with us on the Sabbath.

We will see you on Sunday! Pray for peace in our world. Please know of our continued prayers for you and your family.

Fr. Dale and Pastor Mark

P.S. Check out the PWC Online calendar for March, lots of good stuff happening: Online Calendar
Praise and Worship Never Ends,
It Must be Lived!
Let us go forth to love and
serve the Lord.
Thanks Be to God!
Alleluia! Alleluia!

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