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Chandler, Arizona 85225

Dear Friend,

We are looking forward to seeing you tonight at 7:00 pm for God and Coffee. This is an interactive night where you take control of the program. You the viewer call the shots! Please call with your questions at 480-649-0300 and we will do our best to answer them. To watch, go to PWC website and find the Facebook button at the top of our home page.

There is some more exciting news about our new PWC website. There is a new addition to the website under the “Podcasts” tile: www.praiseandworshipcenter.net/podcasts/.

We have every Sunday sermon done by both of us from March 22 until now that you can listen to on your computer, tablet, or phone. This is an excellent way to re-listen to a message. A great way is to listen on your phone.

We know of many people, who, when they go for a walk or exercise listen to a podcast. Now you can do that with PWC. On your smart phone, whether an Apple or Android, download the app: Podbean and then find the PWC podcasts. There are a few Praise and Worship Centers out there, so make sure you find the podcast with our logo. After finding PWC press FOLLOW. New sermons will be available every Tuesday on our website and Podbean.

As you know, there are election signs all over the place. Well, we have one better, PWC Yard Signs with different moving spiritual messages. This Sunday at 11:30 am, after our service, we are asking all members of our community to drive by and pick up your PWC yard sign. You will just drive up, stay in your car and we will give you a PWC yard sign. We will be social distancing and wearing masks. We can’t wait to see you! You are most welcome to drop off your donation. We will be in the PWC parking lot until 12:30 pm.

We want to put you and your PWC yard sign on our website! Please take a picture of your PWC Yard Sign with you in it (and your family too, if possible!). We will put your picture on the “Photos” tile. Email your pictures to Kevin at: kmcgloin@pwcaz.net.

Thank you for being consistent in your financial support of PWC! We could not continue the ministry of PWC without your tithing. Our collections go down this time of year, so your gift during these hot summer months is most cherished. You can give in one of three ways:
Mail in your gift to: Praise and Worship Center, 2551 N. Arizona Avenue, Chandler, AZ 85225.
Donate on our web page: Donation Form.
Sign up for monthly giving with a credit card or voided check; just call the office at 480-649-0300.

Please continue to pray for healing in our world. See you tonight at 7:00 on Facebook Live!

Fr. Dale and Pastor Mark

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