Dear Friends,

Than you for clicking on our website.  As you know, any website can only give you  a glimpse of what a community is like.  In order to really experience the Praise and Worship Center, you will need to come and visit our church on a Sunday morning for our 10AM service.  We think you will love our music, preaching, and hospitality.  We will make you and your family feel that you are very welcome.

The Praise and Worship Center is a very unique place.  Catholics, Protestants, and non-denominational Christians gather together to form a welcoming community of faith.  We are devoted to Christ, to His Word, and to each other.  We are working hard at going deeper into the mystery of God’s love.  Through one another and our on-fire worship, we are experiencing God in a way deeper than most of us ever imagined.  It is our hope that you will join us  on this incredible journey.

Recently, we have expanded our facilities to include an additional 5,000 square feet.  This space is dedicated to our children and teens.  There are classrooms, kids’ worship space, basketball, volleyball, ping pong, and a pool table.  It is intended as a space where our young ones can have fun and encounter God.

Pastor Mark Dippre, our eleven ordained deacons, our staff, and our entire community welcome you.  Enjoy our website.  But, more importantly, please come and enjoy our worship.  We do believe if you come one time, you will feel at home and want to keep coming.  No one will judge you.  No one will reject you, and no one will give you a list of rules to follow.  You will be accepted and encouraged to follow Jesus Christ.

Whatever spiritual journey you take, I pray for you.  May you come to know God’s amazing and unconditional love for you.


Rev. Dale Fushek, Pastor