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The Praise and Worship Center is pleased to announce that licensed counselor Michaelle Hennessey-Peirce is available on Mondays, at the Praise and Worship Center, for family and individual counseling. For more information or to schedule an appointment call
(602) 617-6595.

Delivering Fathers’ Day Food to Matthew’s Crossing

Bringing in the Sauce

Now to get all these onto the shelves

After half an hour . . . some dirty knees . . . and

...some dirty hands

Grand Total = 3876 pounds!


A Message From Our Pastors

Doctors’ offices are strange places. People who are seeking to get healthy, or stay healthy, gather there and wait their turn to see a medical professional. As they gather in the office lobby, sick people show up to see the doctor. Coughing…sneezing…and wheezing fills the space.Often there is fear that if you don’t have a disease when you get to the waiting room, you could have one by the time you leave.

Churches are a lot like doctors’ offices.People who are holy gather in a building with sinners. In fact, it’s hard to tell the difference between the sinners and the saints. The mixture of people causes fear in some. A very kind person can end up sitting next to someone filled with anger. A law- abiding citizen ends up next to someone who has just been released from jail. It can all get very confusing.

Jesus knew this situation before He created the Church (the word church literally means gathering). The Lord told us, “Do not judge and you will not be judged: Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned”(Luke6:37). This teaching is essential to Christ. It relates to the first commandment of not having a false god. No one has the right to take God’s place and judge another human being. God teaches us “My house is a house for all people”(IS 56:7). Sinners, saints, seekers…the weak and the strong…are ALL welcome.

Hospitality is based on this notion. The root of the word is healing…like a hospital. Hospitality is key to every business…whether it is on the phone, retail, or a service. But, it is essential to Christianity. It is the very HEART of Christ. We welcome all as we would welcome Christ. Hospitality is the Christian message. Why? Because heaven rightfully belongs to Christ. And, in His amazing love and mercy, He welcomes sinners and saints to HIS place to share eternity with Him. If we are truly His followers, we welcome one another to OUR place, to share a few heavenly moments of praise and worship.

Ignoring others…rejecting others…judging others…making others feel less….allowing others to be steeped in their own sinfulness or their own low self-esteem….none of these are acceptable to Christ. And none of these things should be acceptable to any group of Christians.

The Praise and Worship Center has been a place of welcome and refuge for many. But, we know in our heart of hearts, there are many others who are searching and seeking a place to belong. Our hospitality must be exceptional.

When hospitality is genuinely offered, it is transforming. There might be some who take advantage of us, or reject our sincere offering. That changes nothing. We must be who Christ calls US to be. We will allow any judgments that need to be made to Christ.

May this simple place we have created….a place that is not extraordinary in its design or decoration….become a place that is extraordinary in LOVE and WELCOME. May the Heart of Jesus Christ be evident, and may all who COME through our doors be made WELL. May PWC be a place of healing, laughter, forgiveness, peace, belonging, and great doughnuts. May KINDNESS prevail in our church, and may Christ find a dwelling place among us.


Dale Fushek

From Dale...

Dear Friends:

Thank you for “clicking” in to our website.  I sincerely hope you enjoy your time here.  After you spend a few moments here, I hope you will open one more door, located at 2551 North Arizona Avenue, in Chandler.  When you enter that door, what you will experience is a wonderful and welcoming community, great music, lively preaching, a true love for God’s word, a beautiful gift shop, and a love you will be able to feel in your heart.

The Praise and Worship Center is a multi-denominational community made up of Christians who have intentionally come together to praise God.  Our community is open to the Holy Spirit and seeks to serve one another and those in need.  We do not judge anyone’s worthiness, but welcome all as we welcome Christ in each person.

Although our community seemed to start out of a negative situation, it has grown into a dynamic family, which proclaims HOPE.

Please come to one of our services on Sunday morning at 10 am.  Your presence would be a blessing to us.  And, I believe, you will find a blessing in us.  The purpose of every human life is 2-fold: 1) to learn to love and 2) to learn how to accept love.  When you come to our service, I promise we will do our best to help you to live these two purposes more fully.

I am looking forward to meeting you…or meeting you AGAIN…in person.

God Bless You,
Rev. Dale Fushek

P.S.  I invite you to share my life story by reading my book, “The Unexpected Life”, available at the PWC Cross Shop, and



Mark Dippre

From Mark...

Dear Friends,

I would like to personally invite you to a very dynamic church community whose sole mission is giving Praise to God.  Our community is one that is filled with love and support for all who walk through the doors as we journey together to discover the depths of God’s love.  Every Sunday, we gather for services that include uplifting music, breaking open the Word of God, and sharing a message that gives an open invitation to be embraced in the tremendous love God has for us.

All too often, so many people go through life searching to find a Church community where they can fit in and call home.  If you are searching, I encourage you to take a step out in faith and give us a try.  I promise that if you do, you will be welcomed HOME.  I so much look forward to meeting you, and continuing our journey of faith together.

One of my favorite passages in scripture says, “Come all who are weary and find life burdensome, I will give you rest.  Take your yoke upon your shoulders and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble of heart, your soul will find rest, for my yoke is easy and my burden light.”  (Mt 11:28)  Let’s answer His invitation and come and experience HIS LOVE.

May you always know the love of God in your life.


Rev.  Mark K. Dippre


Our Mission...

  • breaking open the word

    Through lively worship of God, breaking open the word, total acceptance of each person and learning to love more deeply, the community will assist each other in our spiritual journey. By forming a community that supplements the faith experience of members, we will equally welcome sinners and saints as we support one another.

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Our Mission...

  • breaking open the word

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    Through lively worship of God, breaking open the word, total acceptance of each person and learning to love more deeply, the community will assist each other in our spiritual journey. By forming a community that supplements the faith experience of members, we will equally welcome sinners and saints as we support one another.

Vision Statement...

  • people of all traditions

    To bring together people of all traditions who are willing to follow the person of Jesus Christ and form a non-judgmental community of faith.


  • Our Prayer Begins at
    10:00 a.m. every Sunday at
    2551 North Arizona Avenue
    Chandler, Arizona 85225
    (480) 649-0300

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